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Fun Facts

Back in the 1800s, Frenchies gained popularity as lace workers migrated to France in search of new opportunities. With few familiar faces, these lovable companions became cherished for keeping the worker’s company during those challenging times. Their mild-tempered, cheerful, and affectionate nature is no coincidence; they were bred specifically for this heartwarming job, ensuring they bring endless smiles to their owners’ faces. Today, they continue to win hearts as the “toy” versions of bulldogs, with their calmer temperament perfectly suited for companionship.

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Fluffy Carriers Lilac & Tans, Lilac Fawns, Platinum Lilacs & Testable Chocolate Carriers
Full Fluffies, Lilac tans, Meles & Chocolates

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Gia Stevenson

Bossalini French Bulldogs offers amazing bulldogs, and I will be buying all my dogs from them in the future no questions asked. I trust this team, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Five-star puppies and service!

John Anderson

I’ve talked to many breeders before Bossalini French Bulldogs. Really patient breeders; they answered all of my questions and made us feel at ease, You breed beautiful dogs, and you are the best!

Jenifer Hubbard

You are absolutely amazing! We are happy we found a breeder that always answers any questions that we have about our puppy. that can groom our pets the right way and the way we want they to be groomed. Thanks so much to you guys.

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