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Tiny The Miracle Fluffy French Bulldog. That Almost Died Twice

Meet Tiny, the little fighter with a heart of gold! This French Bulldog has bounced back from the brink of death a few times, thanks to her owner’s skilled hands and a whole lot of love.

Now, she’s the picture of perfect health, radiating resilience and a zest for life that’s contagious. Check out her incredible journey in the video—it’s a real tearjerker! Tiny, once hanging by a thread, is now a ball of energy who loves nothing more than a game of fetch and a cozy cuddle. I

f you’re ready to add a bundle of joy with an inspiring story to your life, act fast! Tiny’s looking for her forever home, and she’s got a whole lot of love to share. Give us a call and make Tiny a part of your family story!

Birthdate: 7/14/2023
Color: Lilac..She’s a full fluffy
Character: Playful, Energetic

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Why Can’t Snub-Nosed DOG Breeds Fly?

Because of their shortened muzzles and noses, brachycephalic dog breeds are prone to severe respiratory issues. As the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) states, short-nosed dogs “don’t breathe as efficiently as dogs with normal-length snouts and can have difficulty cooling off when they’re playing or exercising, or if they’re stressed or overheated.”
In most airlines, if your dog cannot be taken into the cabin as a carry-on (because they’re too large or are on that airline’s list of restricted dog breeds), they are put into the airplane’s cargo hold. The problem with this is that temperatures and air quality in a cargo hold—even one that is pressurized and kept similar to the passenger cabin—can shift severely during the flight.
As the AVMA article notes, “Because of their anatomical abnormalities, short-nosed breeds seem to be more vulnerable to changes in air quality and temperature in the cargo hold of a plane.” Additionally, because there’s no one in the cargo hold to watch your pet at all times, if your short-nosed dog has a problem midflight, they won’t get critical care right away.
This has led to numerous deaths of short-nosed dogs during airline flights—forcing a change in airline pet policy.

All of are puppies come with

Happy Customers

Thank you again! Meeting the puppy Nanny was easy and smooth at the airport! Our precious new girl was love at first sight. She is wonderful and has such a loving personality; she fits right into our family. Thank you so much for making this whole process so easy and being so quick to respond to any and all questions I had. She was the best Valentine's gift for our family!

Gia Stevenson

We can’t express enough how much joy, Bunjie has brought to the family! He is such an entertaining boy. He loves to play with Uncle Tommy’s Doberman Pinchers, and he doesn't take into account he’s half their size.! Everywhere we take him, we are told how handsome he is.

Ryan Andrews

We were so afraid of spending this kind of money and getting scammed. Nikki made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions. Well, no worries, no more. We could not be happier. Rose is the best, and she is gorgeous.

Lisa Richards
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